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Fine jewelry and bespoke designs inspired by the beauty and grace of equestrian culture.

Karina Brez Jewelry possesses a vibrant and youthful sense of time and place that is in line with today’s style.

Always eclectic and geared to enhance the beauty of its clientele, Karina Brez Jewelry features different jewelry sizes for different body types.

Karina Brez Jewelry can easily transition from day to night.


Named Top Three Equestrian Jewelers 2020

by Equestrian Living Magazine's Annual Gold List

Named Favorite Equestrian Jeweler

by Equestrian Living Magazine

One of their most popular designs -The Huggable Hooves Collection - brings timeless beauty to the table as well as flexibility and comfort.

Huggable Hooves is the “it” bracelet in the equestrian community and beyond. 

Equine is one of the biggest industries hidden in plain sight

Equestrian Market Psychographics

The average horse owner is 38-45 years old, female, and married. Horse owners tend to be impulse buyers. They spend an average of 22 hours a week with their horses. Equine publications are the primary source of information for the horse owner.

- Texas, California, and Florida have the highest population of horses.

-Oklahoma, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, Colorado, and Pennsylvania round out the top ten states for the highest population of horses.

The largest group of horse owners, 45%, are from the middle class with an annual income of $25,000-$75,000.

- Twenty-eight percent of horse owners make over $100,000.

- The average income of USA Equestrian members is at least $134,500. This would be a good representation of competition horse segment salaries. Their members also have an average net worth of at least $955,400, and a portfolio of $460,000.